lazy man and upset woman

The Divorcing Ex Who Won’t Leave or… Disappears

During divorce, there is the phenomenon of the disappearing spouse, in which one party literally…

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mad man by house

When Your Ex Refuses to Sell the House

“I’m Not Selling!” You may actually decide to sell your property without the consent of…

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upset woman with man

The Uncooperative Divorcing Ex

During a divorce or separation, an uncooperative coParent may be showing another emotion behind the…

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man woman with judge

When the Rude Spouse Goes to Court

In divorce or separation, there will always be some things—and people—that are beyond your control….

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men with gavel

How Mitigation Leads to Less Conflict

There is no magical procedure that can eliminate the pain of a breakup. But there…

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people at desk

coParents Save Time & Money With Divorce Team

Many embrace the collaborative model when going through divorce — but they may still balk…

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