Ask Dr. Jann – Help! My New Boyfriend Is Jealous of My Ex

Dear Dr. Jann, My ex and I often help each other out. Being a single…

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Ask Dr. Jann – Should I tell my son I’m not his biological father?

Our son was conceived before his mother and I started dating. It didn’t matter to…

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The Unexpected Dinner Guest – An Ex-Etiquette Refresher

In the last week I have received tons of emails from people, mostly women, concerned…

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Setting coParenting Boundaries with a New Partner

Dr. Jann Blackstone, I’m currently engaged, and my new fiancee feels that my ex-wife is…

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woman and boy cooking

Ask Dr. Jann – Parenting Plan’s Scheduled Time

Dear Dr. Jann: My ex and I coParent quite well and I often let him…

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woman and kids shopping

A coParent’s Personal Holiday Story

Contrary to everything I tell other coParents, my husband and I moved very quickly when…

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