woman and child laughing

Be the Reasonable coParent

When we are dealing with a difficult coParent, we need to be role models of…

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man and woman back to back

How to Respond to a Badmouthing coParent

When one coParent badmouths the other to their child, one may overreact with extreme behavior….

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woman playing with child

coParenting, Brain Development & Behavior

Regarding brain development and behavior, children need the modeling of emotional containment by a parent…

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man and woman upset

How to Calm the Difficult coParent

It is very important to respond to another coParent’s difficult or high conflict behavior with…

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woman talking to man

Responding to the Hostile coParent

How can we, as coParents, respond to hostile parents? We need to shift our thinking…

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man and woman fighting

Hostile Personalities’ Self-Awareness

The hardest thing to “get” about hostile or high conflict personalities (HCPs) is that they…

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