mom and daughter

Joint Custody: Changes With Ages

There are times when there is a change is a situation or the children reach…

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man and woman working

coParents Planning Joint Custody Together

There are a variety of joint custody plans. The goal is for the coParents to…

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mom and toddler playing

The Courts, Shared Custody and Young Children

The tendency of most courts today (in most states) leans towards 50/50 physical custody, with…

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Leaving Your Marriage Due to Spousal Substance Abuse

If you are leaving your marriage because your spouse has a drug and/or alcohol problem…

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Top 4 Tips for Telling Your Child About Your Divorce

When telling your children that you and your spouse are separating and/or divorcing, in┬ámost families,…

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Divorce With Children: Recommended Reading

When you have children, divorce becomes much more serious of a matter. In a monumental…

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