What is the coParenter pilot program?

You’ve been selected to participate in an exclusive coParenter pilot program and participate in an innovative approach to support parents who are working through separation, divorce and coParenting. We have partnered with select county courts, judges and professional mediators to explore new ways for empowering parents to make their own coParenting decisions.

As a pilot participant, you’ll gain full access to coParenter’s functionality including messaging, scheduling, mediations and personalized coaching. We believe this will help you – and other parents – save time, stay out of court and make better decisions for your kids.

Our team is made up of judges, mediators and coParenting professionals here to help you take a child-centric approach to your separation. We’re parents who have been through it before and seen the challenges you are facing. We’re committed to putting kids at the center, not in the middle and look forward to helping you.

How to use coParenter

coParenter Overview

Below is an interactive dashboard. You can click on the buttons to see how the various features of coParenter can help you to manage everyday communication and make smart parenting decisions with your coParent. Please note – if you are not on an iPhone, not all features are available but will be coming online in the coming weeks.

Image Map

How-to videos

The coParenter dash board offers easy access to coParenter’s key functionalities:

  • MESSAGING allows for you to communicate directly with your coParent about your kids
  • REQUESTS allow for you to make proposals and modifications to your prior agreements
  • CALENDAR will take you directly to your onboard calendar where you can find all of your  parenting time plans, kids appointments and pre-scheduled child related matters
  • PLAN is where you store, organize and update all of your important information
  • PROFESSIONALS is where you can browse and engage directly with local mediators, coParenting planners, coordinators, therapists and coParenting professionals
  • GET HELP is where you can find a list of all of your open negotiations
  • Finally, articles, news, tips and tricks can be found at the bottom of the home page

To set up your coParenter account, find the coParenter icon on your phone

  • Tap once and it will take you to the welcome page
  • Since you don’t have an account yet, tap on JOIN NOW.
  • You’ll be asked to select a username and create a password
  • Your password should include 8 characters including one capital letter and one number
  • Enter your email address, which will be used to validate your account
  • Read our terms of service and move the slide button to agree
  • Now select a pin number, which will be used in case you need to reset your password
  • Tap on the CONTINUE button

Shortly after you complete this process,  you will receive an email which will validate your account
Open the email, and click the link to complete registration

Once you have completed your registration you will be able to log in to coParenter using your username and password, or Apple touch ID.

Tap on the SETTINGS icon located in the upper LEFT hand corner
Select profile and Tap coParenting SCHEDULE
This scheduler feature works on a 2-week cycle and all information is stored on your regular phone calendar
The schedule will begin on the date you specify
To create your custody plan, tap which days your kids are with you and which days they are with your coParent.
Please note that the default times are 4:00 pm the day of, to 8:00 am the following day.  Times can be changed by tapping on the time and making the necessary adjustments
To schedule regular visits and meals, add a visiting period by tapping the VISITING PERIOD slider, and adjust the times accordingly
Be sure to click on SAVE located in the upper right hand corner
It is important that you go through this process for each day of the week on your two week cycle.
Your cycle will repeat in your calendar until you make changes
If you’d like to start by using a scheduling template, tap the USE THE SCHEDULING TEMPLATE slider and select the appropriate template to work from.
Tap the INFORMATION icon to see which parenting schedule template works best for you and your family.  Be sure to save your schedule by tapping SAVE in the upper right hand corner
This will write your schedule to your regular calendar

Holidays take precedence over the regular parenting schedule and will override your regular parenting time on your calendar.
From your home screen tap on the PLAN icon
Navigate to coParenter SETTINGS and find HOLIDAYS
Tap on the HOLIDAYS icon
Select which holidays you’d like to spend with your children
You can sort holidays by national and religious.
Click on the holiday you would like to schedule  – be sure to check the default of beginning and end times.
Enter any additional information or instructions in the fields below
Remember to save by tapping the SAVE button in the upper right hand corner
Your holidays will be added to your calendar automatically
If you don’t see your desired holiday, you can add ONE by tapping the ADD icon in the top right hand corner of your screen
Enter the name and date of the holiday, pick up and drop off time with your child, and tap SAVE in the upper right hand corner of your screen
This will add your holiday to the existing holiday list.
Select that holiday and tap SAVE in the upper right hand corner.

The holiday should now be added to your calendar

In this video we will show you how to schedule your vacations
Like holidays, vacations override your regular custody coParenting schedule
Navigate to vacations by tapping the PLAN button on the home screen
Select coParenting SETTINGS and then tap on VACATIONS
Add your vacations by tapping the ADD symbol on the upper right hand corner
Insert details of your vacation and use the date picker to schedule the days of your vacation
Be to sure to tap the SAVE button located in the upper right hand corner
Your vacations will be added to your calendar automatically

Having your child or children at the top of your dashboard is a constant reminder to keep them at the center of your coParenting relationship
To begin, start by tapping the SETTINGS icon in the upper left hand corner of the home screen
Tap the PHOTO UPLOAD button
Here you will have the option to take a new picture, or select one from your current photo library
Use your finger to center your picture
To save your new photo, tap on SAVE in the upper right hand corner
Now you can enjoy your new profile picture

We all know how challenging communication can be with your coParent
coParenter’s onboard messaging platform allows you to communicate directly with your coParent, capturing all communication within a single channel
All communication is time stamped, logged and securely stored reducing the “he said, she said” and decreasing the risk of miscommunication and misunderstandings
Because judges may monitor the tone, tenor, volume and frequency of communication,  this tool allows for a more polite, respectful dialogue.
The coParenter messaging tool operates just like a regular instant messaging platform, but with an added layer of security and a true accurate record of communication

It’s easy to make a request or propose a temporary modification to an agreement with your coParent.
To begin, tap the REQUEST button on your home screen
The first thing you will see is a list of existing requests and their current status
You can sort your incoming and outbound requests by date, subject or status.
To make a new request, tap on the ADD sign located at the top right hand corner of your screen
To start, type in the TITLE of your request and then pick the appropriate
category your request falls under.
There are four kinds of requests you can make:
1)   Extra Curricular
2)   Travel
3)   Parenting Time
4)   Other
It should be noted that almost every coParenting request falls under one of the four choices provided
Remember that communication and clarity is key, so be sure to give your coParent as much information as you can by filling out all of the required fields
Once you’ve completed filling out your request, remember to hit SEND in the upper right hand corner.
Your coParent will receive a notification regarding the request and will be given the opportunity to respond.

If travel is taking you out of State, tap the OUT OF STATE toggle – this will trigger an automated letter of authorization if and when the request is accepted
Let your coParent know what the dates and time for travel are, and any other relevant information for the request
To submit the request – tap SEND in the upper right hand corner of the screen
Your coParent will receive a notification regarding the request and will be given the opportunity to respond.

To request a parenting time change such as a weekend swap, tap the ADD sign in the upper right hand corner and select PARENTING TIME under the request drop down menu
CoParenter defaults to a one time change

If you are requesting to make this a permanent change, select LONG TERM from the drop down menu

Keep in mind that if the request is accepted all future schedules in your calendar will be modified accordingly

For example, if you are looking to exchange weekends, you can do so by shifting the swap days slider

When you have completed your request, hit SEND in the upper right hand corner.
Your coParent will receive a notification regarding the request and will be given the opportunity to respond

To make a request for an after school program or other extra curricular activity, select EXTRA CURRICULAR in the request drop down menu and fill out the required fields.
Make sure to let your coParent know the date and time of this activity.
If the activity is reoccurring, tap the slider, select the frequency and choose the specific days this activity falls on.
Identify the start and end date, and times of the activity to provide your coParent with more details.
Enter the cost for the activity and slide the coParenters share slider to show how much you are asking your coParent to contribute
To submit your request, press SEND in the upper right hand corner
Your coParent will receive a notification regarding the request and will be given the opportunity to respond

You can respond to incoming requests by tapping the REQUESTS button on the home screen
Incoming requests are identified in bold letters and any required actions are detailed in purple

To get the specific details, tap on the request you wish to respond to

All information will be contained in this form

You will have four choices in how to respond

  • Agree
  • Reject
  • Counteroffer
  • Request more information

Read the request carefully before responding
When you agree to a request your calendar will automatically update reflecting the new changes and agreements

Agreement to Out of State travel requests will trigger an automated Letter of Authorization that will allow you to travel outside of state lines with your child

You may be required to have your coParent sign the letter based on state law

When you want to reject a request, tap the REJECT button and you will be prompted to enter your reason for rejection.  This is not mandatory but does help your coParent understand the reason behind your decision.

Another option is to Counter Offer the Request.  You can do so by tapping on the COUNTER OFFER button.  

You will be prompted to detail what your counter offer is

If accepted by your coParent, YOU will have the opportunity to modify the original request and resubmit

If one of your Requests has been declined or your coParent’s counter offer does not work for you, you have two options:
You can Get Help or cancel the request all together
To cancel a request, simply tap cancel request within the request form
If you choose to Get Help we’ll connect you with a local coParenting Professional who can help you reposition the request and coach you and your coParent towards a solution that you both can agree on.
Tap the GET HELP button and you will be taken to a list of local mediators and coParenting professionals
Browse professionals to find an appropriate resource to help you with your specific request and make your selection by tapping on their name
Once you have entered the profile of the professional of your choice, tap the GET HELP button within their profile page.
You will arrive at a resolution intake form where you will be given the opportunity to invite your coParent to join
Give the Professional as much detail as possible so they can effectively help you and your coParent resolve the issue
Submit the resolution intake form by tapping SEND in the upper right hand corner of your screen
Your Professional will be notified that they have received a request and will respond to you shortly.

You can check the status of your request on the GET HELP tab located on your home screen.

What’s the benefit to you?

We can’t thank you enough for participating in this coParenter pilot. Families just like yours use the platform to coordinate, manage and organize coParenting responsibilities – and access professional resources to help resolve disputes. As a thank you, you and your coParent will receive a free year long subscription to coParenter. coParenter can help you to save thousands of dollars but more than that, you are playing a crucial role in helping refine a tool that helps to make lives better for you and your children.

That’s got to feel pretty good.

What we are hoping to learn?

coParenter was designed to help parents take a more child-centric approach to separation, divorce and coParenting. We know that by helping keep their children’s best interests at the forefront, we can help parents do what’s right for their children, avoid unnecessary conflict and stay out of court.

We’ve been designing this tool with input from leading judges, mediators, attorneys and coParenting professionals—all of whom have a vested interest in helping parents avoid court and empowering them to make their OWN parenting decisiosn.

Through this pilot we are hoping to learn:

  • How parents use Messaging to manage everyday communication
  • Whether our Request process helps deal with schedule, extracurricular and travel requests
  • How our GetHelp feature helps parents avoid conflict
  • What parents like you would like to see in a tool that can help make your life easier
  • What sort of information we can provide to help you to make the best decisions for your kids

Your feedback will be very helpful. We are very appreciative of your participating and look forward to collaborating with you on this work.